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Executive Coaching for C-level 


Lately you might have heard of read about “Business coaching”, maybe one of your colleagues of friends even mentioned he couldn’t meet you because of an appointment with his “coach”.


              What is business coaching actually?


And why would you consider having a coach?

Generally, a business coach, is a trained person to give support and advise individuals.

The coach will be helping you direct your thoughts in a way that makes you consciously understand what drives you on a deep level, so you can adjust your actions and behavior to align with that.


              How can business coaching help me?


As an “outsider”, the coach will step into a synergic question-relationship with you, adding you a “helicopter vision” to those situations on base of your own answers. The coach will be providing you insight, making you fully use your talent and potential, which you previously might have been unaware about,  and inspiring motivation that you may have been missing. But also your, sometimes unknown, struggles and thinking patterns that form a limitation in full efficient and positive working methods


             What do we talk about?


You’ll be addressing barriers or “roadblocks” that are come out during the talking, such as your own unconditioned ideas, perceptions, beliefs and assumptions, which possibly hold you back from achieving goals and success, reaching the best of your potential.

Not only you will be increasing skills such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, time management, work efficiency, but also you'll obtain new goals which previously you might have discarted as they seemed to be unreachable, or "out of your league."

Our business coach helps you to these results with the bases of the Cognitive Behavior Psychology as well as Personal Branding Strategies and

NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming)

             What is the difference between Business and Executive Coaching?

Both have much in common, but a difference can be made considering that Business Coaching is for all Professionals, both Entrepreneurs as Employees, and we focus on business performance which includes enhancing business skills such as feedback and assessment,but also Personal Branding, Networking, Encouraging and Motivation. It is a more direct approach to bottom line improvement than executive coaching.

Executive coaching is for Managing and Directing level, also called C-level, but as well for Company owners, who have a team of people to lead, and Customer relations to handle.

We focus on Interpersonal skills, Communication skills, Coaching of your team, Representing the Company towards Customers, but also Personal Branding and how to be a leader with Charisma and with your own style.

We help leaders of both Multinationals as Startups and SME to navigate in their competitive business environments, adapting to the international scope, or staying on a more local level.

              How does is start?

We start the coaching with an "Intake Session", or start session, which can take from 60 until 90 minutes. The following sessions take 60 minutes.

We suggest 2 sessions per month, and this during minimum 2 or 3 months, and a follow-up or feedback session around 6 months, in order to be able to fully coach you and help you to solve the complaint, and obtain those changes of improvement and empowerment.

All sessions are done face to face, and can take place at your office or you can also come to our consult.  We also provide email and telephone coaching moments in between sessions.

A coaching session should not be cancelled less than 1 day before the appointment and an “emergency” session can be booked last minute at an elevated session price.


             Executive Coaching Prices 

First session – Intake Session take between 60 - 90 minuts:120 -150€

Following sessions take 60 minuts:

115€/ h excl btw with a 1-2 month package of 4 sessions.

105€/ h excl btw with a 3-4 month package of 8 sessions.

Last minute session: 120€ / h

Corporate Packages are available

Contact us to schedule a first session or to talk about a corporate package

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