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Team Building is a concept that has become very popular in the past years.  The idea of “extracting” the employees out of the usual setting,  creating a new situation, where the professional role and position becomes less important, is an important step of enhancing the Human Capital of the Company.


These team activities outside the office, become a circle of reward for both the employees as the company. The employees get to know each other in another role and context which increases their awareness of their colleagues, which makes them feel more “together” in the same group. A feeling of being part of the team is stimulated, which also helps the feeling “part of the company” feeling.

But team building activities are not only valued for the corporate image and the fun during the activity.


Organizing a Team building weekend out of the city with many outdoor sport challenges might be a too big step in the “unknown”.

Therefore we provide your “already planned” Corporate Dinner, with a team building activity added:  The Murder Mystery Dinner.


The Murder Mystery Dinner.


During your dinner a theater play will take place, from which, the attendees, are the actors themselves!

Shortly after the first course, a murder will happen at the restaurant, and all attendees will actively take part in the intrigues and stories, which eventually come to the revealing of the murderer!


Everybody will find a character description under his/ herplate, which will help the evolution of the story lines, and eventually, the host actor(s) will guide the evening towards the revealing of the murderer!


All team members will actively take part of the story line, which makes the whole evening a fun and exclusive experience, which you share together as a team.

This team dinner will be stimulating “out of the box” thinking, creativity and pro-activity along your team members. It’s an excellent way to have a team building moment, within the “comfort zone” of the company dinner.


The Murder Mystery Dinner can be organized for groups from 8 till 50 people.


We can organize the invitations for the dinner (including dress code), the full script with character role description for each attendee, and various host actors to guide the murder mystery to the showdown.



Murder Myster dinner starts from 2500$ with small groups (8 pax ) and dinner packages available from 50$/pax at one of our selected restaurants,  an excellent venue for creating the Murder Mystery  atmosphere!


Please contact us if you want to have dinner at your favorite restaurant, and we will surely organize if the location allows this private event.

Contact us, and a fully quotation can be made, following your customized requirements!


Team Building. A circle of Rewards

Improve Productivity


As employees learn to work together more effectively, they are able to do their work more efficiently. Less time has to be spent correcting errors and work can be divided according to team member abilities and talents. 


Foster Problem Solving


The problem solving skills that they practice in a simulation outside the office,  can be transferred  into the workplace. Through the activities, team members gain the skills that let them identify barriers to accomplishing goals and come up with ways to overcome those barriers.

Increase Motivation


When employees succeed in team building activities, they become more confident, which boost their motivation. But also, organizing team building activities demonstrates that the business is willing to invest in their success, which motivates the employees. Employees are often more motivated when they gain trust in their colleagues and feel confident that their work as a team will be recognized and appreciated.

Encourage Creativity


Team building activities take employees out of their usual environment and give them an out-of-the-ordinary task to perform. This environment often gives permission for employees to be more creative and to use their imagination to accomplish the tasks set before them. It also sends the message to employees that their creativity is welcome in the workplace. 


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