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Burnout Prevention


It has become difficult to avoid reading or hearing talking about Burnout. It is said, to be one of the biggest complaints in the working society of the 21st century. The idea that a Burnout is "acting as if", when "somebody just doesn't want to work anymore, and is waiting to get in retirement", is totally off the books.  Actually the past 10 years research has brought Burnout to be called also the  "Disease of the Overcommitted" or "Super-Achiever Sickness"

People who can't say "no", or like too much to say "yes" have a high chance to at some moment feel burned out if the situation permits it... Millennials seem to have a larger chance to get towards a burnout before age 35.


              What is Burnout Prevention?


And why would you consider holding this in your company or team before a Burnout has been "detected"?

During the Burnout Prevention Training, we work with your team leaders and managers around the Concept of Burnout. We definitely don't train your managers to become Doctors of Psychologists to Diagnose Burnout at your team members, but train them to become Leaders who take in mind the possible key points and situations that can lead to a Burnout and act proactively against it.

During the training we define the key points in your business and company environment, both general and specific to the respective departments. Consciously knowing those triggers are the key, but then we also work around how to reconvert the triggers into stimulating and motivating actors.

              How can Burnout Prevention prevent my team members from a                       actual burnout?

Setting up a Training or Workshop with an “outsider”, gives the opportunity to describe and define more easily the key points that are a possible trigger. Before the workshop takes place, we sit together with your HR and define and evaluate the company environment in the respective departments.

During the Burnout Workshop, we look with a small group of ambitious professionals at the current situation of their "possibilities"true out a first assessment, we define some personal key points and triggers and evaluate the general company ones. We actively work on an alternative way of coping with them


               Burnout Training and Workshop Prices

Burnout Prevention Training , 1 to 2 day-sessions, depending on group members and company requirements. .

Suggested to Team Leaders and Management Level. Starting from 1000 $


Burnout Prevention Workshop: 1 day Workshop in Group of max 12 members. Starting from 1200$ with 1 group workshop.

Contact us to schedule a first meeting to do a  first company burnout assessment.

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