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Balance.Career-Mama.Responsibility.Family.Fulfillment. Expectations. Commitment.Managing Roles.Feeling Complete. Work-Life Balance.

People. Self-Realisation. Balance. Mindfulness. Growth.Satisfaction. Roadblocks. Burned-Out. 360gr Feedback. Coaching. Training.

The-New-Customer. Leadership. Digitalisation. Cross-Cultural Differences. AdaptationSocial Network. Negotiation. 21st Century Business.

Jungfrau Training and Coaching is a company for people. People in their office environment, People around their colleagues, clients and superiors. People at their homes and families, and people looking at themselves in the mirror.

At Jungfrau you can find Customized Soft Skills and Business Training, Business Coaching and Burnout Prevention for your employees and Management. But also a Coach and Counselor for any Work-Related Stress and Work-Life Balance support for you and your family.

Career-Mama.Responsibility. Family. Fulfillment.Expectations. Feeling Complete.Commitment Managing Roles. Work-Life Balance.

corporate training sessions

Human Capital, the most precious power and asset of your company.  Enhance your people with our Customized Training sessions in Soft-skills, Sales, Marketing & CRM and Burnout Prevention for junior, senior and management level. We work towards empowerment of your human capital thanks to our interactive workshops and innovative trainings for business in the digital and exponential era. 

Business or Life coaching, it all starts with the same first step: taking the time to talk and to come to insight. Experience a higher satisfaction by setting new goals and reaching them through overcoming "roadblocks" and complaints.Train to become Mindful and look at yourself, not in the way you are now, but what you can become with your potential. Become a leader that brings his teammembers to satisfaction and performance.

team building dinner
Coaching Work Life Balance Burnout


Counselling is offered with the Cognitive Behaviour Psychology and you can come to our consult for all work-related problems, from stress to burnout, but also fear of failure, drive to perform, concentration disorder, or loss of self realisation can be treated.

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