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Work-Life Balance Coaching

For Career-Mums and Family-Men of the 21st Century

"Leave that mobile phone for 1 second please. You come home so late from work, and than you still continue with your emails? You look obsessed! You also have a family, you know".

You are at the kindergarten when the teacher calls you in and recalls that your little toddler is still not potty-trained. "That is something they must learn at home. It is not the job of the kindergarten teacher. You have to make time for it! "

 You might have had one of this conversation before, and we have to say, you are not the only one. That is a good thing, isn't it? As you are not the only one, having to deal with finding the way to "balance out" your work-engagement and private life in manner of time, the problem has got public, and from many different angles, solutions have been searched, and found.

Let's find out which can suit your situation and lifestyle.


              Why would you do  "Work-Life coaching" ?


Let us call it Life Coaching ... Because eventually, that is what it is about: your life, finding a more relaxing way to cope with the several, plenty of roles that we have to deal with nowadays. 

The feeling that when you are not 200% committed and available for your job, you might miss out growth within your firm and having a successful career.

They might consider you not ambitious. And there you stay, with that sticker on your face.

But not being able to spend more time with your family, doing sports, taking your kids out for fun activities , having a night out with your friends, also gives you the feeling you are not enjoying enough, you are missing out things, and you are not available enough for your kids and family. And worst of all: people actually start telling you this.

So sure it is worth it, to do actively something about this balance. Considering an outsider, is not being "weak", or "not able to cope with yourself." Let's say it is brave to take the complaints in hand and actually do something about them.


             How do we do Life Coaching?


During our Life Coaching sessions, we use the Clinical Psychology knowledge to focus on the here and now, and the future, without analyzing too much the past: we are looking ahead, to an empowering future!


Life coaching is more than someone who listens, your life coach is a trained professional who can evaluate, classify and treat with interventions emotional and behavior complaints, as well as bringing you insight to structure your goals, and help you to design an action plan to achieve those, meanwhile eliminating possible obstacles.

With over 10 years of experience in the business world, working with high competitive markets around the globe, we can ensure you a realistic and applicable way of working, based on the reality and not "stories out of books".

             What is the difference between Life Coaching and Counseling?


Coaching means you have somebody next to you to help you look into your own life, as that's the difficult part of it:  you are in it, the whole time.  Taking a distance, putting yourself a mirror, and getting another point of view will enrich you. Always there are decisions to be taken.  Small ones, and very big ones, but most can give another color to your life.


With Life Coaching, we help you to take that distance, and take a deep breath. We set up new goals and guide you to reach them. It's a way towards self improvement and enhancing your talents.

Counseling will help you when the complaints are more severe and symptoms of a burnout or other work-related stress are clearly diagnosed. Then we can help you through counseling to look deeper into the origin of emotional and behavior problems, and with the correct therapy, counseling will help you to change those problems at origin and construct a new base for the future.



            How does it start?


The Life Coaching sessions starts with a minimum of 2 sessions over the time of 1 month. The most success you will get with a 2 or 3 month coaching plan in order to fully focus on the realization of the new goals, which bring those changes of improvement and empowerment.


We can help you in English, Dutch, Spanish and Italian, which will help you to express well and get exactly to the point of your thoughts and feelings.


All sessions are done face to face, and can take place at your office, or at our consult, or a comfortable place you prefer.  We also provide email and telephone coaching moments in between sessions.

A coaching session should not be cancelled less than 12h before the appointment.


             Coaching Prices:


First 2 sessions: 90€/ h

Following sessions: 78€ and sessions take 50 minuts.

Contact us for your first coaching session


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Frauke Vandemeulebroucke, work-life balance and burnout coach
Life Coaching
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