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Frauke Vandemeulebroucke Opleidingen en Burnout Coaching Vlaanderen



Frauke Vandemeulebroucke


Belgian,  Master in Psychology, specialized in Cognitive Behavior and Neuro-Psychology, applied in the work environment and daily life.

Frauke is married to an old love from Southern Italy and so they have started a nice family with 1 daughter for now.

With 15 years of Business experience around the globe, in Europe, America and Asia, she does Corporate Training,  Coaching and Counseling in native Dutch, English, Spanish and Italian.



Her Story...

After many theater acting experiences, Frauke had to decide what to study at university.  A simple answer to the statement:  I am interested in people.  At The University of Ghent, Belgium, her Psychology career started, and she continued the Master’s degree at the Autonoma University of Madrid in Spain.  Graduated as a Clinical Psychologist, specialized in the Cognitive Behavior Therapy, she continued her studies with an additional year in Organizational Psychology and Human Resources.

Realizing being a Young graduate, she decided to step into the business world, to fill up her back pack with many years of experience.  All this started at Deloitte, in Spain and Mexico, and this took her to Japan , Hong Kong, Shanghai for 7 years. She took base in Barcelona and Rome for 1 year, before heading for her last Expat experience in Santiago de Chile. Eventually Belgium has become the home base for both her family as her business life.

Over the past 10 years , Frauke has gained experience in being a team and office manager, and she has been giving plenty of training sessions,  from technical training in sales, marketing and CRM areas,to soft skills and change management. training programs. Working with entry level employees, to executive leadership training for branch office managers. From one-on-one sessions, to larger group training sessions.  Offering training from a psychologist point of view has brought a big additional value to the business experience of office and business dynamics all over Asia, America and Europe.


Frauke has been working in Asia and South America for 8 years, and gained in this way the experience of living as an expat at the other side of the world.  Combining new job dynamics with family life has brought her to the decision to also provide Business Life Coaching, from the Cognitive behavior angle, mixed with NLP. Also the "Personal Branding" coaching strategy is one of her most succesful coaching techniques for Management and Executive level coaching.


Training sessions and Coaching can be held in native English, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. She further speaks also German and French.


Frauke will bring you training with her natural enthusiasm, humor and compassion, with the mission to create improvement in all participants, with a successful change process towards an optimized team performance.


Providing Business and  Life coaching, and with her capability for generating  trust, she will help you to obtain your hidden dreams and goals, to control your deepest thoughts and feelings  and to manage your unknown fears and worries. 


As a Clinical Psychologist, she is very much aware that it is a difficult step to ask for " help"  from a psychologist. Psychological complaints can "dominate" our mind and make us think, feel and do in a certain way we don't like from ourselves. It can happen to everybody, and as a start,  it is important to realize that.

From the Cognitive Behavior Psychology, she will be able to see through your complaint, understand the full picture of it, and eventually guide you to realize those thoughts, feelings and behavior that can be changed to solve the complaint.

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