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...When you are looking for Corporate Training and Change Management ?

Because Human Capital is the most valueble asset of your company, and we know that. With extended experience over different sectors, different countries, different markets, we try to understand our customers: we want to know your vision, your challenges, and your goals, and we help them reach you in a flexible, agile and cost-effective way without loosing a second the commitment for Quality of oiur Service.

We speak your language, in all dimensions.

We give training sessions for Business of Today and Tomorrow: innovative sessions applied on current and future obstacles and needs.

...When you are looking for a business or a life coach?

Because we have been there. With Frauke's experience she does not coaches you as a teacher would.

She has been working herself as an employee, as a team manager, and as a company manager.  From Big Four Consultancies in Spain, Italy and Mexico, to competitive Wallstreet style consultancies or a shy Start-up in money cities as Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai. 

From being a single woman fighting for a career in Tokyo, to being a expat family woman, building a social life meanwhile running a company in Shanghai, to finally dedicate herself fully to what she prefers: people, in both professional and family life. 

Because we believe that everybody can improve skills. That is why we care about you making new goals, taking up new challenges and help you focus on the path to reach them.

...When you are looking for a counselor?

Because a clinical psychologist with life experience, can be a stimulance. The combination of the academical and scientific knowledge with the experience in life, makes Frauke a fully skilled counselor, who can help you to resolve your complaint.

Academical and Scientific Knowledge? Frauke is clinical psychologist, specialized in the Cognitive Behavior psychology: starting from the idea that our thoughts are the motor of how we feel, how we act, and how we think about those feelings and actions. Most of this process, happens automaticaly, and unconsciously.  Changing how we think, can for that mecanism, also change how we feel and act.

With a base in the Neuropsychology, Frauke tries to bring a scientific, "engineering of the brain" touch to the sessions. This makes you understand in a very concrete and practical way, how our thoughts, emotions, and actions happen. And therefore, also, how we can change them.

Experience in life? Frauke has not always been counseling. She has worked several years in high demanding jobs, which makes her lively aware of the "business world out there." But she has also lived in many different cultures, experiencing herself many roadblocks reaching satisfaction in a career or in personal and family life.

But more important:  she has helped many people like you. Very different of you, and very similiar to you. Struggling with problems such as Anxiety, Burnout, lack of Work-Life Balance, Stress, Depression, Loss of Self-Esteem, Loss of Self-Realisation, etc

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