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Frauke Vandemeulebroucke,pyschologe burnout coach


Work-Related Stress, Mental overload and Burnout 

And suddenly you realize you "were not like that before".

Maybe, you are reacting angry and irritated all the time, you think a lot about possible problems, you can't get to sleep as your mind keeps on working. Your sense of responsibility weighs heavy on your shoulders. 

Or maybe you realize you keep postponing plans, you cancel appointments with friends and invent the best excuses why not to meet with them at their parties or events. But you don't feel guilty because at the end you are tired and you're not sleeping well since weeks. Work seems to be more exigent than before, the family household more tiring than before, and passion with your partner seems to ask so much of your energy, it gives you a headache thinking about it. No... better to find an excuse.

And there are many more reasons why you might look in the mirror and think: "where is the old me". Or maybe it is your partner, your best friend, or your mother that tells you: "what is going on with you"? Or your family doctor mentioned, there might always be the idea to ask help from a psychologist.

And only little after that,  you ended up on this website. Congrats! It does take courage to look for help with an outsider. No, it is no sign of weakness, rather the opposite: you want to take action. That's a sign of strength.

Let us help you to look into your situation, your environment, and find again the best in you.

             How can Counseling help me?


Counseling and Cognitive Behaviour Psychology is more than someone who listens, your psychologist is a trained professional who can evaluate, classify and treat with interventions emotional and behavior complaints, as well as bringing you insight to structure your goals, and help you to design an action plan to achieve those, meanwhile eliminating possible obstacles. Step by step we will walk the path during the sessions, until a result is reached.



             What do we talk about ?


With over 10 years of experience in the business world, we can help you with all Work-Related Complaints, from stress to burnout, but also loss of self-realisation or anxiety to perform or fail. Trouble that you can feel at all ages. You don't have to be over 50 to get to a burnout, and it is ok to still feel anxiety when you are at the middle of end of your career.

We will give you a full psychological support with the Cognitive Behavior psychology. We look at a current situation of unhappiness, and we work on solving the complaint that might work as a "roadblock" to feel satisfied, fulfilled and happy.  Most people like this way of working, as you can really do something, in a practical and concrete way. 

With the help of new ways of thinking, feeling and acting, we help you solving a complaint, and make you climb the path to realize your goals and make new ones. 


             What should I expect of a Consult Session?


In a confidential and supportive atmosphere, you can talk about what happens here and now, what you feel, think and do, and what complaint you have, which you would like to change. You’ll be able to listen to yourself and your counselor will give her insight to you, what she can see and make you see about yourself.

Following the Cognitive Behavior Psychology, we will make both cognitive (what you think) and behavior (what you do) changes. Our thoughts and actions make us feel in a certain way, which , at its time, makes us think and act again in a certain way.

Solving your complaint and bringing a change will be a first goal, but also personal development, knowing better yourself and heading to self-fulfillment are goals of our counseling. 

              How does it start?

We start the Counseling with an Intake Session, which can take from 60 until 90 minutes. The following sessions will take 60 minutes.

Together we will choose the program of sessions, but mostly we suggest a session every 2 weeks, and this during 2 or 3 months, in order to be able to fully guide you and help you to solve the complaint, and obtain satisfaction and self fulfillment.

We can help you in Spanish, English, Dutch and Italian, which will help you to express well and get exactly to the point of your thoughts and feelings. 

              Counseling Prices:

Intake session and context placing session:  90

Following sessions: 68€/ 50 min

Contact us to find a good time for your intake session

Get to know our coach, Frauke Vandemeulebroucke, psychologist with 15 years of experience.

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