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Soft Skill training Sessions and Workshops


         Learning strategies - making your team proactive and independent

Being able to pass a range of tasks to your team members, knowing that they will manage to work on it by themselves, taking the right initiative and applying all their knowledge, is not always that obvious.  Sometimes you would like your team to be more independent?  Trusting that they have learnt from the last similar situation?

In this training session you’ll see how the basic rules of Pavlov’s Conditioning lead to the learning and motivation process of your employees. The best techniques will be shown on a very interactive way, and after proactive use in your office, you ‘ ll have a more independent, motivated and proactive team as a result!


For Team leaders and Managers. Full day Training of 6 hours.

Prices: from 900€ for a full day

In Spanish, English, Italian or Dutch

Contact us to book the Learning Strategies session for your team

  •    Controlling your employee rotation – Retention and Employee Engagement of your precious Human Capital 



How come there is such a high rotation level ? Why do employees leave to another company?  For sure you’ve received many times the response:  “ Because they pay just 500 rmb more per month, and that’s a reason enough to change. “

Is this a painful reality or is it also an “easy way out” to respond to the workforce rotation?

We’ll help you to understand what’s playing in the mind of your employees, with help of the most recent studies of what are the values employees value the most, what stimulates the Employee Engagement, which will take us to the most appropriate techniques, to get you employees closer to you, making them imagine a future within your company.

For Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers. Full day training.

In Spanish, English, Italian or Dutch

Prices: from 900€



  •    Coach the Coach – Feedback and Change management strategies 


Receiving a promotion and becoming a leader, manager or director of a new department or team? Your company has been under an organizational restructuring and new strategies have to be put in place?  

Entering a new team is never easy, and even less when you’re from “outside”. You might feel that your excellent leadership skills from before don’t work on the new team and individuals.


This training sessions helps (new) managers to extend their precious skills within the new situation and new office environment, obtaining the full support of the team to work together towards the situation of change, improvement, and success.


For New Supervisors and  Managers and those in a moment of organizational change (restructuring, merger, ecc)

2-day Full Immersion Training Course with Role Plays, and Simulations.

Prices: from 1800€ for full session

In Spanish, English, Italian or Dutch

Contact us to book a session Feedback and Change Management



  •    Cross-Cultural Obstacles and Triangle Communication- how to pass a message, a concept and a motivation in a               language you don’t speak and a culture that isn't yours


Are you an international team?  The communication with employees, partners and clients can be complicated and easily the message loses content during the translation process.

Today there are many culturally competent corporate employees who have learned by doing and mainly through trial and error. However, in these competitive times, most managers need to get things done faster and demand to show that results for themselves and the team or department is increasing.


This training sessions helps foreign managers to “win time”, not passing the “learning by error process”. The Cultural Fluency and Integration, using communication skills, adapted to this culture and language, as well as other team building skills will be highlighted and  eventually the team communication will improve, even with help of your colleague or assistant translating, the concept will be correctly passed. 

For seniors and managers, members of an international team, where many messages and concepts get “lost in translation”.

Full Day.

Prices: from 900€

In Spanish, English, Italian or Dutch

Contact us to book a session Cross-Cultural Communication Techniques

  •    Mindfulness - Efficient concentration strategies


We live in a current economic climate, where employees are asked to do more, with less, and where stress is almost seen as a badge of honour 

During this workshop we work towards an awareness of our way of thinking and organizing. With exercise we can expand our conscious attention and focus it as necessary. We work not only towards the awareness of this, but also to the acceptance of the stream of thoughts going through our minds, as well as the experiences we base on.  

This awareness and acceptance helps us to increase our emotional intelligence, specifically empathy and self regulation. It's the development of these areas that contributes to our ability to manage conflict and communicate more effectively. Mindfulness also enables us to take a step back and consider alternative perspectives rather than simply reacting to events and using the least intelligent area of our brains to make decisions.

A very interactive workshop, with plenty of exercises to reach the awareness and acceptance, as well as "neurobics",  the so called gymnastics of our attention to improve our performance 

For seniors and managers, and any employee looking for growth and improving performance

Half day or Full day workshop available, small groups recommended

Prices: from 550€/ half day

In Spanish, English, Italian or Dutch


  •    Building Inner Excellence -  Executive management skills


This training for Executive level is not a session where you send your CEO to listen, you send him to a training to talk.

Your management level is at the top of your company for a reason.  But no executive is perfect, and nobody can’t be improved with excellence.

 With our Executive Coaching sessions, your top management will have the time to go deeper into themselves, achieving the best of their potential, and bringing their career and life to a next level.

This by addressing issues and barriers that are found, such as their own preconditioning, perceptions, beliefs and assumptions, which possibly hold the executive back from achieving goals and targets.


Suggested to Managers and Executives. Executive coaching sessions take 1 hour and suggested a 2 to 4 month packages with 4 to 8 sessions. Long Term coaching is usual to do 1 or 2 times per month.

Prices from 55€/ session

In Spanish, English, Italian or Dutch, French and German


Contact us to book a Executive Management Coaching Session or Session package.

Learning Strategies session
Employee Engagement
Feedback change management
Cross Cultural communication techniques
Executive one on one
Mindfulness & Concentration Strategies
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