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Crisis Intervention & Change Management


Crisis situations and traumatic moments can also be experienced in a work environment.  By a loss of a colleague, work accidents , or colosal company reformations, or group-firing. it will not be evident for the employees and management to deal with this, in the same professional way, as their role indicated in the environment.

Or maybe the crisis is about to happen. A good strategy will be the key to keep the crisis as controlled as possible. 


             How can an outside crisis intervention help?


A manager or teamleader might not feel the possibility to react emotional in his workspace,  or any employee might not want to ask for emotional support by a co-worker.  This might lead to frustrated feelings, with difficulties to concentrate and perform. 


A psychological support from outside, can stimulate the management to handle the situation, and all affected individuals can find a possibility for advise and support during the coping process.


             How your HR team helps by not helping directly.

Your internal HR team is an important key factor in the internal communication. But it will always stay an "internal"departement. Employees will not be as open and sincere when talking about a "work crisis". Trust that can be built up with an outsider will reach faster a solution.

Nevertheless your internal HR department stays part of the circle of the crisis management, and will follow up with the feedback received of our intervention.

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