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Expat Life Coaching 

"For a great Career Opportunity."  And then you found yourself with your kids 

in the new city. New country. New culture. New school, New friends. Pretty much new everything. 

Ready to start again, for 2 or 3 years, depending on the job of ytour partner.

Don't worry, you are not the first expat or expat-spouse to feel everything is so much harder than you thought it would be. Fastly you see the "backside of the medaille" And that is totally fine. The important thing is not to stay with it, and talk about it openly. The cross-cultural differences can be handled, and we look at an action plan to get you in the new role of Expat or Expat wife, coping with the Cross-Cultural differences at work and around, turning your whole couple and family dynamics upside down.

And only little after that,  you ended up on this website. Congrats! It does take courage to look for help with an outsider. No, it is no sign of weakness, rather the opposite: you want to take action. That's a sign of strenght.

Let us help you to look in the mirror and find again the best in you.

             How can Coaching help me?


Coaching means you have somebody next to you to help you look into your own life, as that's the difficult part of it:  you are in it, the whole time.  Taking a distance, putting yourself a mirror, and getting another point of view will enrich you. 

With the 10 years of experiences of living with and working as an Expat, our coach can give you the most applicable help.

We look into the Cross-Cultural Differences, and find a way for yourself to act in the new different situations.  Finding a new way of Self-Realisation for the travelling spouse is one of the challenging workpoints.

              How does it start?

We start the Coaching with an Intake Session, which can take from 60 until 90 minutes. The following sessions will take 60 minutes.

You can come with the whole family, in couple, or by yourself.

We can help you in Spanish, English, Dutch and Italian, which will help you to express well and get exactly to the point of your thoughts and feelings. 


              Expat Coaching Prices:


Intake session:   90€ and the session takes 1 h.

Following sessions: 78€ / 50 minuts

Contact us to find a good time for your intake session

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